I have a lot to live up to and it saves my life every day

I have a lot to live up to and it saves my life every day
This is a story about a little girl who some thought would have to leave all her friends, school and go to a much larger public school where they could deal with her decoding problem. Some of you may remember this story several years ago. I will summarize it, but please go back and read the entire story (she is amazing). The story is a very important part of a post I made 3 years ago, ‘EARNING YOUR RIGHT TO A BETTER LIFE’ found in <thegiftofcancer.com> For me, living is about people like my father who is truly my hero. No he didn’t run across the battle field and save the world. He got up every day after my mother died (when I was 4 and my sister 10) and saved our family every day, every night 24/7. He never thought of himself, just the family. I really do not know how he did it. And then there is my wife, really ‘what is she still doing here?’ She dragged me from hospital to hospital, spent the best years of her life caring for me. Made millions with me and then watched it disappear with my health and started all over again. Hell, talk about commitment. And then there is the little girl who this story is about.
You see they are the real answers I need to give when someone says to me, how do you do what you do with all your health problems? I would like to tell them the long story, but I just say “I keep on fighting.” But now for the truth, I have no choice, I cannot lie down, it would be a dishonor to those I love, those souls who have never quit, never faltered and always rose above their own expectations. I am trapped to succeed to the end (not too soon I hope.)
Now, back to the story for the day. When my daughter was 7 years old the school sat us down and we were told our daughter would be best served in a large public school where they were more equipped to handle her problem. It seems she had a decoding problem and would not be able to read at a level with the other children and therefore not be able to keep up with the class. As I said above you can read the details in another post. What I did not tell you in the earlier post is that I sat Samantha down and told her the situation and how it might affect her life. I then said, do you want to beat this or be beat up by it? She replied,“ Let’s beat it, Daddy”.
Today, 10 years later I went to my daughter’s school for their Convocation Ceremony for the beginning of her senior year. The entire student body was there from preschool to high school students, all seated for the ceremony and many family members and faculty. The ceremony started with the headmaster and faculty speaking of the importance of the year to come and the responsibility of the seniors to set a standard for others to follow. Then the director of the upper school called upon one student to get up and of all things read before the entire school. You guessed it; it was my daughter, Samantha. It would have been a great honor and achievement for any one of the students to be singled out as being worthy to do the reading. It was a simple reading, with a very important message that could be applied to preschoolers as well as to seniors. My daughter got up in front of the entire school(about 800 )  and led her class into the new school year with a story of inspiration. What a job she did.
I sat in awe, how is it possible that a child being told at the age of 7 that she could not keep up and she may have to leave the school, then going through tests that verified her decoding problem, now be a clear leader and inspiration to others. Well I watched her fight day after day to be at the top of that school and become a credit to what it stands for. I have never seen anyone so determined to be all she can be every day. Thank God she has some of my father in her. Not too much of him, you understand, just enough. I realized at an early age that it is not who someone is that makes them special, it is how far they have come.
Unfortunately I had a bad seat and the wrong camera, but I taped it, you can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JAKYd95wMs. The words are hard to hear, but watch the person. Hard to believe she was not supposed to be there even in the back and now, well she is hard to follow.
So for those of you that wonder how I keep going in the face of my health, well I have no choice. I am being held to a higher standard by the achievements and dedications of those around me.


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