A lesson from Dad

I remember when I was a young man around 12 years old. I was with my father and we were working in the city. One day we saw a man sleeping on the street and my father said to me “if that man ever wants to tell you something keep quiet and listen because he knows something you do not”. Of course as a, know it all teenager I was thinking to myself “sure pop, this guy is nuts” of course I never opened my mouth because my father did some boxing and I knew better. I just went with the flow. As life would have it I never forgot his words and I did at one point in my life start listening. I took that thought to the next step and started reading philosophy and meditation from the people that changed our world. I made it a life’s work to look for information that had substance. For me it has worked. Even today I read for short periods every day. For the last few years I have been reading things like Meditations from Marcus Aralias (by far my favorite readings).



~ by samcasternovia on January 24, 2011.

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